Fiddle Duet Recordings

Irish Fiddle Duet Recordings Irish Fiddle Duet Recordings Irish fiddle duet recordings add a new dimension to the treasure of recordings of solo Irish fiddle players already available. 2 men who never made a fiddle duet recording together are Micheal Coleman & James Morrison which is a shame. 2 Legendary fiddlers playing around the same […]

5 Setdances

Set Dances are almost exclusively danced in hard shoes by Irish Dancers in a formal setting. Set Dances are also sometimes player in sessions quite often in a set with hornpipes. The term ‘Set Dance’ can refer the type of tune or the dance that accompanies it. They are also having somewhat of a revival […]

5 Barndances

5 Barndances Barndances (a type of tune)were popular the mid 20th century. They have a 4/4 time signature and an even more pronounced rhythm than hornpipes. They have seen somewhat of a revival in recent years by Irish traditional musicians such as John Carty. ‘Some say the Divil is Dead’ would be a barndance with […]

Building a Repertoire

Building a Repertoire Building a Repertoire In my opinion Building a Repertoire is important to further your playing. especially coming in to the intermediate stage. You will need to get over the initial difficulties of holding the fiddle and bow and knowing the notes. You will also need to have grasped the basic format of […]

150 Irish Fiddle recordings

150 Irish fiddle recordings. In this 100 Irish fiddle recordings article I have included albums I listened to most. Albums as there were once known! There has been so many formats of music releases, recordings may be more appropriate term. A majority of the earlier recordings this list would have been originally released on vinyl […]

Lessons with Paul Mc Nevin

Fiddle Lessons with Paul McNevin One to one teaching with one of Irelands foremost fiddle teachers and players. Paul has vast teaching experience and coached to All-Ireland level. Paul with Waltons music has produced the best selling fiddle guides (Book/Dvd/video)See profile Get out of the same standard you have been in for years with focused, […]

Tips for Beginners

Tips for beginners Fiddle Tips: for Beginners In this tips for beginners article is advice I often give to pupils in the 1st few fiddle lessons. These are often bullet points written down. They should help to learn and improve your technique. An important thing is to avoid bad habits that can limit progress later […]

Skill Sets

Which skill sets does an accomplished musician have and a novice need to learn? Irish Fiddle Skill sets Irish Fiddle Skill Sets No.1: Remembering:(musical memory) Musical skills need to be developed through practice and repetition. Being creative during practice can ease the burden of repetition. Part of being a musician is to be able to […]